More marketers destined to become CEOs

In Episode 5 of Marketing Dividends, Sherilyn Shackell, Founder and CEO of the Marketing Academy UK, says that more marketers are destined to become CEOs as companies become more customer-centric.

From an international perspective, Ms Shackell explains how the role of marketing is expanding to include customer service, innovation and product development. She has a strong belief that marketing is an organisation’s growth driver and marketers should aim high.

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Ms Shackell says, “There is an exceptional opportunity for marketers to become CEOs. In my view, some great CEOs are great inspirational leaders. They’re fabulous story tellers, they engage, and they have the customer at the heart of everything they do. And I don’t believe that there’s another function in a business that does that more than a really great CMO.”

Ms Shackell explains that the purpose of the newly formed Marketing Academy in Australia is to bridge the gap between the current and emerging generation of future leaders. The Marketing Academy provides a forum that enables leaders from across every sector (from both client and agency side) to share their experience with emerging leaders.

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