AANA presents the latest episode of Marketing Dividends featuring Mark Reinke, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Suncorp, in which he discusses the challenges of creating customer experiences across a portfolio of brands and how businesses can adapt to keep up with continual change.

He describes how Suncorp has ‘re-architected’ its business to put customers at the centre and deliver new customer experiences through a platform strategy.

“Our customers are feeling overwhelmed with change, complexity and choice and we want to ensure we’re available, whether it’s in a store, by phone, on a digital device.  However they want to do it, we’re setting up our business to respond,” Reinke said.

Reinke believes that businesses need to re-invent themselves in response to an ever-faster changing market. Reinke also mentions the challenges facing Suncorp are not unique to Australia.

“We’re an Australian New Zealand business but the forces shaping our business are global.  We’re working with partners in the US looking at the psychology behind how people are now differently attached to money, particularly millennials.  We’re working in Spain on how online reputation translates to offline behaviour.  We’re looking at the UK to see how financial services businesses have been able to completely re-platform digital services for their customers.  And we’re going back to basics with behavioural economics to understand how and why people make decisions.  We’re looking across the world to bring it all together in Australia to create unique experiences for our customers.

This episode was jointly hosted by Nadine Blayney, Deputy Business Editor at SKY NEWS BUSINESS, and James Hier, CEO MEC. The full episode, in addition to previous episodes, is available on AANA’s YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Channel to ensure you get updates about new content.