If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards

10 Reasons to Join

1. Be heard.

Join more than 300 other leading brands and add your voice on matters important to marketers. When decisions are being made about the future of our industry, we’re there representing our members, every step of the way.

2. Protect and support Self-Regulation.

Through Self-Regulation we promote socially responsible marketing in Australia, and we safeguard members’ rights to commercial free speech. Don’t take this privilege for granted – opt in to be involved and support your rights.

3. Shape the future of our industry.

We all have expertise to contribute. Help us work with government and industry to develop the agenda and lead the changes necessary to maintain a healthy advertising ecosystem, in an environment of consumer trust.

4. Join a community of fellow marketers.

AANA membership gives plenty of scope for networking throughout the year. Meet influential people from leading brands and industry through AANA events and training.

5. Stay ahead of change.

Trends impact our industry constantly in myriad ways. Be equipped and ready for when change happens, whether that’s privacy developments, shifts in community standards or emerging social trends.

6. Contract effectively with your media partners.

With “media” now covering everything from social channels to creative services there’s increasing complexity required of contracts. The AANA Media Contract has been written by a team of experts and will drive value for you and your agency partners.

7. Develop and educate your team.

Members have been telling us where the training gaps are and we’ve created a marketing capability program based specifically on those needs, designed by marketers and delivered by marketers. First step: the Brand Master Program (BMP), launching 2020.

8. Be inspired.

We think we know a lot about our audiences (and we do) but there’s always more to learn about marketing – and about being human. AANA’s annual program of member events will challenge your thinking and give the status quo a regular what-for.

9. Break down the silos.

Step outside your silo and learn from peers and leaders in different companies and industries at events and training sessions. (In particular our CMO dinners have proven to be excellent problem-solving, information-sharing, cross-industry forums.)

10. Get a measurable ROI on your membership.

There is inherent value in being able to shape change in your industry, and to play a role in Self-Regulation. But the AANA wants you to gain tangible, measurable value from your subscription fee too. Visit aana.com.au for more information on our marketing training options and annual calendar of events.