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Slide Peer Group Program

Peer Group Program is back with completely refreshed and reset content, coaches and connecting opportunities.

Peer Group Program

Inspiring positive
change in marketers.

Welcome to the 2021 Peer Group Program.
After a successful launch of the program in 2020 we’re back with completely refreshed and reset content, coaches and connecting opportunities.

In 2020 our focus was to support marketers through the enormous changes that we all experienced with Covid-19. This year, we’ve created a program to inspire positive change in marketers.

AANA Peer Group Program

2021 Peer Group Program Content

We take a deep dive into what makes brands truly connect with their communities – is it purpose, values, creativity or data?
How do each of these themes play a part in the brand you champion and the brands you respect and love.

We will also spend a little time working on career progression, personal development and how to champion change.

We will supply the topics and some reading material for each session but most of your learning will occur via the peers within your group
and the guided discussion via your facilitator.

How the program works

This year, we have two program tracks – one for senior marketers to gain insight and connection with CMOs and another for graduate to mid-level marketers.
There will be two intakes, the first commencing in May and the second in August. You will meet with your group each fortnight over 10 weeks.
If you miss out on the first intake, rest assured you will be top of the list for the second.


Free for AANA Members


To be part of the next program register here:

Program logistics

  • Once accepted into the program you will be sent 5 diary invitations to a fortnightly video call. Each call will take place for approximately one hour. During the application process, you will get to choose your preferred time – we will do our best to get you into your preferred time slot.
  • You are expected to be present and participate in each call. Of course, we understand that life happens and sometimes you can’t make it along. If that’s the case, we ask that you please notify your facilitator or the program director Emma Logan if you can’t make it.
  • You will have some meeting preparation to do prior to your call. You will receive each topic and the content guidelines one week in advance so you have ample time to read and consider. The content distributed is just a guide, your thoughts and personal research on each topic is what will really add value. We expect that preparation will take approximately 30 mins.
  • We will create an online community platform for you to further connect with your peers and discuss program content.
  • Each group will roughly consist of one facilitator and up to eight peers.

Why sign up to the Peer Group Program?

  • A unique opportunity to connect with other marketers outside your organisation to exchange ideas, workshop themes and walk away with new connections
  • It is an opportunity to take a helicopter view of what you do and while you are there, think about the responsibility and opportunity to create change that marketers are presented with
  • Gain new tools, insights and inspiration to have greater confidence in the workplace
  • Entry into a group of diverse fields and varied marketers to expand your thinking, have a sounding board for ideas and be inspired by peers in your group
  • Connection with a senior coach and up to eight marketing peers
  • Step outside of your organisation and hear how others from other industry’s are doing it
  • A networking event to celebrate the program and get to know your peers and facilitators a little better.

Still not convinced?
Take a look at last year’s
line-up of coaches HERE


For further information on the program please contact
Emma Logan, Director of Member Engagement & Events  emma.logan@aana.com.au