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AANA’s industry leading conference RESET is returning in 2021 as a refreshed and refined format, RESET Live. Save the date 10th November 2021


RESET is wrapped for 2020. But we’ll be back soon.

Friday, 27 November was a day to remember. The marketing industry was able to come together for the first time, in a long time to hear from an incredible line up of speakers.

Two key notes took the stage; the Hon. Julia Gillard AC and AFL legend Adam Goodes. They were joined by Australia’s preeminent leadership talent including; demographer Bernard Salt, Telstra CEO Andy Penn, MECCA Brands founder Jo Horgan, and CEO and co-founder of Who Gives A Crap, Simon Griffiths.

Re-imagine the future

RESET 2020 reached a real-time audience of more than 1600 via live streaming and a physical audience in Sydney.

John Broome, the CEO of the AANA opened the day by saying smart brand marketers are going through a vital period of introspection and reassessment. A RESET. “This is the chance for brands to be progressive, to lead positive change, to bond and engage in ways unimaginable”.

While we have many highlights from the day it was Julia that blew us away.

Gillard spoke to her predictions for 2021. The theme of nationalism, nations turning inwards. She said science is back, the importance of evidence for the future of our world. She rightly pointed out that the world of work has changed, and we are never gong back. She spoke about her passion for women’s equality and how as individuals we can navigate the world in 2021.

She closed with; “this period has pressed on us in different ways and now it’s time for a RESET. At Beyond Blue we talk about post-traumatic stress disorder ..but there is another allied phenomenon; post traumatic growth – thinking about the period you’ve been through and how it has reset your values and expectation in life.” She urged the audience to sit with themselves and write on paper, what you have learnt about yourself during this period so you can find ways to re-imagine the future.


RESET Live - 10 November 2021
RESET Live at The Australian Turf Club, Randwick, Sydney
RESET Live - 300 Live Delegates
RESET Live - 1500+ Live Stream

Reset. A celebration of big thinkers, innovative doers and industry insights. Save the date 10th November 2021.

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