When we talked to members and prospects about the gaps in our industry and how we could add most value to our memberships, one major issue came up over and over.

Marketing teams are missing the fundamentals: the core marketing competencies.

Members view this as a serious talent and development problem. In response the AANA has now added marketing capabilities as the fourth pillar in our member proposition and the AANA has launched the Brand Masters Program (BMP) and the Dynamic Marketing Program (DMP) to cover the all-important core fundamentals of marketing.

The Brand Masters Program

Upskill & inspire tomorrows’ marketing leaders

The Brand Masters Program is a purpose-built initiative, to equip members’ teams with best-practice marketing skills to help drive business growth through the power of their brands. The Brand Masters Program provides marketers with a comprehensive ‘toolkit’ to craft great brands from insights right through to execution and measuring effectiveness.

Who is this for?

The primary target is marketers with three to five years’ experience who are keen to strengthen skills and explore new ways of thinking for immediate use. However, content will be flexible enough to meet the needs of groups with different experience levels, particularly in the bespoke immersions.

Visit the AANA e-learning portal to find out more about the Brand Masters Program.

The Dynamic Marketing Program

Adapt and grow to face a new marketing world

The AANA’s Dynamic Marketing Program will equip marketers with the skills to turn adversity into opportunity; to be resilient, to be curious, to be creative and to be innovative. Above all else, it will equip marketers with the different skillsets and comprehensive ‘toolkit’ required to succeed in the new reality.

Who is this for?

We’re excited to invite all marketers who are keen to strengthen their skills and explore new ways of thinking. Each Session will have up to 16 participants (with a maximum of 2 from any one organisation) with registration on a first-come, first-serve basis. For AANA Members the Dynamic Marketing Program is available to your marketers at no additional cost other than a small registration fee.

Visit the AANA e-learning portal to find out more about the Dynamic Marketing Program.