If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards

The Dynamic Marketing Program

The Dynamic Marketing Program is a unique, best in class ‘virtual classroom’ program that upskills and equips marketers with the tools, models and frameworks for immediate application. New dynamic marketing capabilities to rapidly identify opportunity in change and to be confident, positive & proactive in developing and leading alternative marketing strategies to drive business growth.

Designed with AANA Members in mind:

The DMP has been crafted to deliver business growth for our members through stronger brands and up-skilled people

Affordable: members can access the DMP and its tools as part of their existing membership fee. There is no additional cost other than a $250 (+gst) registration fee per module, per person
Made up of energising and interactive workshops that advance understanding and application of core principles, processes, tools and belief systems, supplemented by an engaging AANA e-learning portal
Facilitated by a faculty of leading marketing practitioners, using illuminating case studies, thought leadership and shared personal experiences

Who is this for?

We’re excited to invite all marketers who are keen to strengthen their skills and explore new ways of thinking. Each Session will have up to 16 participants (with a maximum of 2 from any one organisation) with registration on a first-come, first-serve basis. For AANA Members the Dynamic Marketing Program is available to your marketers at no additional cost other than a small registration fee.

Five interactive modules to sharpen your skills: The Dynamic Marketing Program covers five capability modules with online live learning virtual workshops

The modules are sequenced and designed to complement each other to meet immediate industry needs by providing situationally relevant principles, theories, and case studies. Each module will commence with prework, then on a Tuesday a 2 hour session that is both a learn and task briefing. Participants then spend time between sessions completing a task. The module will end on the Friday with a 90 min share and key learnings discussion.

Professional Recognition

Completion of all 5 modules has career value. Participants who complete the Dynamic Marketing Program can use the AANA Dynamic Marketing Program completion logo which can be added to your digital profile and resume.

Future Academic Credit

Participants who complete all 5 Dynamic Marketing Program modules can be eligible for a pathway to University academic accreditation for credit towards specific degrees.

Visit the AANA e-learning portal to find out more about the Dynamic Marketing Program.