If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards



July 2, 2020

A quick guide to the Australian “Fake News” Code

(2 min. read) – Research from an Australia 2020 report found that 48 per cent of Australians rely on online news or social media as their […]
June 25, 2020

A quick guide to the demise of the 3rd Party Cookie and where to now

(2 min. read) – The count-down to the demise of the third party cookie is well on the way as Google announced earlier this year that […]
June 17, 2020

A quick guide to the Ad Tech Inquiry submissions

(3 min. read) – The spotlight remains firmly on transparency in the advertising tech space as the ACCC’s Ad Tech Inquiry investigates whether market participants have […]
June 10, 2020

Have your say on food and beverage advertising

In May the AANA announced a formal review of the Food & Beverages Advertising Code (F&B Code), which governs food and non-alcoholic beverage advertising in Australia, […]
June 4, 2020

Code of Ethics review and research: The Community’s views

The AANA asked the community what standards they expect from advertising and over 170 submissions were received from […]
June 1, 2020

Emphasis of CMO role must be on effectively leading multi-faceted teams

A new study by the WFA has highlighted the need to look beyond the cult of the CMO as the person with ultimate wisdom in all […]
May 27, 2020

Overall positive: Australians’ sentiment towards advertising

“I enjoy most children’s advertising for things such as toys, clothing, etc as there’s always a fun aspect to it and it’s youthful and carefree”
April 24, 2020

Top 10 Tips on how to navigate the crisis management phase of this pandemic

Since mid-March, marketers have faced unprecedented business circumstances. Even for those who have experienced […]
April 24, 2020

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