If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards



September 17, 2020

AANA’s Body Image Rules in action

(2 min. read) – A series of Calvin Klein online underwear images have been found in breach of the AANA’s Health & Safety rules on Body […]
September 17, 2020

Ad|Watch: Unrealistic body image results in AD ban

September 14, 2020

Costs of digital media to rise?

(2 min. read) – In a stark warning to Australia, Google has announced that they will be raising the price of advertising in the UK, Austria […]
September 4, 2020

Watch Now. Shop Now. From e-commerce to social commerce

(2 min. read) – Agile, small businesses are shining a path for large brands. Social commerce is shaping up to be a massive opportunity for all.
August 25, 2020

Advertisers using COVID to their advantage risk complaints from the community

(2 min. read) – The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is changing community attitudes to advertising content across the world as consumers are becoming more sensitive to scenes […]
August 14, 2020

Discretionary food & drinks ad ban for children on Google & YouTube – UK and EU

(2 min. read) – In an unusual move, Google and YouTube have announced they will ban discretionary food & drinks advertising to users under 18.
August 5, 2020

New research – Oz advertising spend intention for the second half of 2020

(2 min. read) – Half of Aussie Marketers waiting for better times before committing budget and shift to online set to accelerate.
July 30, 2020

Progress on the removal of hate speech

The GARM which consists of the world’s biggest advertising companies — including a few Big Tech companies — has agreed to evaluate some issues collectively, including […]
July 30, 2020

AdWatch July 2020

In this edition of Adwatch we look at two recent complaints considered by the Community Panel, highlighting concerns raised about the use of environmental claims in […]