If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards




Marketers have many challenges, pressures and complexities to deal with.

Business growth is a challenge and we all face the prospect of having to achieve more with less.
AANA’s Effectiveness program is designed specifically to share global best practice, professional knowledge, and thought leadership on how to perform more effectively in our roles in a practical way.

Member events

Throughout the year, the AANA runs a series of AANA business Masterclasses on practical, relevant topics that matter to marketers and their partners. Typically, these are ‘how to’ sessions delivered by industry thought leaders and experts. Wherever possible we include case studies from members who can talk from a position of experience and expertise. We will also support events offered by our industry partners to our members where we believe the content will be informative, objective and impartial.

Finally, our annual conference, RESET, is recognised as the industry’s premium 1-day conference where we bring a combination of inspiration and provocation to over 500 of the industry’s senior marketers and partners.
The calendar is crowded with conferences targeting advertisers with new products and services. However, RESET is different. It is ‘the advertiser & marketer talking.’ It is the opportunity for the industry to hear from leading practitioners, many of them from overseas, and to share a point of view on how to deliver business growth through new approaches to effective marketing. RESET’s purpose is to reframe your approach to marketing.

Member-only content

AANA is investing more in self-serve content online to offer members the opportunity to access best practice guides, toolkits and research in their own time. AANA sees this as an opportunity to drive further value for members and we hope to fill out this capability in the next couple of years. Right now, members can access the AANA Media Contract & Guidance Notes which is a ‘how to’ guide and legal contract template that can used to negotiate mutually beneficial contracts with your media agency partners.

Also available are the Australian Digital Advertising Practices, a joint industry guide on how to tackle the issues of transparency, ad fraud, brand safety and data privacy.

Increasingly, the majority of AANA staff are marketers or former marketers themselves. Having understanding and empathy on how to aid our members in becoming more effective is critical.