If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards

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Are EU ready for data?

Are EU ready for data? The European Commission is planning a wide range of legislative and other measures in 2020 and beyond which could have an impact on digital advertising….

A quick guide to the Australian β€œFake News” Code

…to the platforms’ data. ACMA considers that an Australian code should cover misinformation across all types of news and information (including advertising and sponsored content) that: is of a public…

Terms & Conditions

Copyright Notice Copyright in information presented on the AANA web site http://www.aana.com.au including but not limited to literary works, artistic works, photographs and computer programs (“Information”) resides with The Australian…

Episode Eight: Susan Coghill, Tourism Australia

…NRL’s Peter Jarmain: NEXT VIDEO For further information on this series please contact Emma Logan l Head of Content and Partnerships l emma.logan@aana.com.au The Leadership Series is a 9-part weekly…

RESET 2020

…A celebration of big thinkers, innovative doers and industry insights. For Partnership Enquiries please contact Emma Logan, Head of Content and Partnerships, e. emma.logan@aana.com.au For Event Enquiries please contact reset@aana.com.au…

YouTube Kids app launches in Australia

…limit children’s daily viewing with a timer. _________________________________________________________________________________ You can find more information about the AANA codes of conduct for advertising along with an overview of advertising regulation here https://aana.com.au/advertising-regulatory-guide/…

Social platforms vs social responsibility?

…content on social media platforms, and we are focused on solutions that ensure that bad actors have as little access to advertiser funding as possible.” AANA joins the WFA in

Self-Regulation Training

…key issues for your audience (such as F&B advertising or marketing to children). Enquire about training AANA’s members who need help in activating their account, please contact admin@aana.com.au for support….

AANA Launches new Code of Ethics

…Ethics applies to all advertising in Australia and the review sought to ensure that the Code continued to meet its objective that advertising in Australia is legal, honest and reflects…