If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards

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ADWATCH | September 2017

the AANA announces changes to the Code of Ethics provision relating to the use of sexual appeal in advertising we look at some recently complained about ads relating to the


…recent determinations, complaint statistics and other interesting complaint handling happenings. It’s a useful tool for staying up to date with community standards in advertising. You can sign up at adstandards.com.au…

A quick guide to the demise of the 3rd Party Cookie and where to now

the demise of the 3rd party cookie provides an opportunity for contextual advertising to reappear. Contextual advertising is targeting advertising based on the context for that advertising and would ensure…

Progress on the removal of hate speech

…drive all platforms to develop a consistent plan to address the steps above in the coming weeks. And to then hold them to account in delivering those actions within the

Gummy bear fails to take out its rival, the Lindt chocolate bear

…Family Wines Pty Ltd [2011] ATMO 47 _________________________________________________________________________________ You can find more information about the AANA codes of conduct for advertising along with an overview of advertising regulation here https://aana.com.au/advertising-regulatory-guide/…

Adblocking – a modern version of an ancient dichotomy

…adapt, yet again, to a changing environment. The AANA’s role as the peak body for advertisers is to protect and defend the advertiser’s ability to advertise responsibly. While the vast…

Review of the definition of Advertising and Marketing Communication

…Ethics Practice Note provides a guide to interpretation to assist brand owners, their agencies, the ASB and the community in understanding the AANA’s intent in relation to the Code. The

Code Crux: AANA Code for Marketing & Advertising Communications to Children

toy manufacturer was found to have breached the AANA Children’s Code with their TV advertisement urging children to “add the toy to your letter to santa.com”. The Advertising Standards Board…


…featured a computer generated meerkat giving a man a coffee with truth serum to elicit information from him while promoting the comparison site Comparethemarket.com.au. The meerkat says “Ah ha, now…