If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards

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The review began a year ago. The ANPHA is now inviting the public and industry to comment on the draft before final proposals are filed to Commonwealth Minister for Heath….

What happens when your brand becomes a product descriptor? Beware of the slide into genericide

…market their product under the trade mark. Some would argue these brands consequently became the victims of their own success, becoming so ubiquitous that they began to be used as…

Review of the definition of Advertising and Marketing Communication

…criteria: Does the marketer have a reasonable degree of control over the material?; and Does the material draw the attention of the public in a manner calculated to promote the

Progress on the removal of hate speech

…more consistency, transparency and control. And the first GARM key building blocks are poised to be delivered later this month. Over the last few weeks, the combination of the COVID…

Gummy bear fails to take out its rival, the Lindt chocolate bear

…word mark. What the court had to compare was the 3D Lindt gold wrapped chocolate bear against the words gold bear(s). The shape of the product in respect of which…

A quick guide to the demise of the 3rd Party Cookie and where to now

…Firefox browsers in phasing out the cookie over the next two years in a bid to enhance user privacy and create a better online experience. A quick guide to the

Adblocking โ€“ a modern version of an ancient dichotomy

There’s an old saying used around the world, can the wolf be full and the lamb still whole? With internet content in the role of the lamb, many advertisers are…


the comment “shiny, shiny lobster face” the Board considered that the ad was humorous and light-hearted and in the Board’s view the unrealistic, fantasy situation would not be seen as…

Code Crux: AANA Code for Marketing & Advertising Communications to Children

…factors. The assessment requires a weighing up of the nature of the product or service, the theme of the marketing communication; whether the material tells a story from the child’s…