If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards

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New research – Oz advertising spend intention for the second half of 2020

(2 min. read) – Half of Aussie Marketers waiting for better times before committing budget and shift to online set to accelerate. New research – Oz advertising spend intention for

Top 10 Tips on how to navigate the crisis management phase of this pandemic

…the forward plans and how to navigate the long recession ahead of us. Agility is no longer just something we speak about. We have to practise it. Divide your marketing…


…recent determinations, complaint statistics and other interesting complaint handling happenings. It’s a useful tool for staying up to date with community standards in advertising. You can sign up at adstandards.com.au…

The add-on product – it can be hard to say no!

…with what is good for the company. ________________________________________________________________________________ You can find more information about the AANA codes of conduct for advertising along with an overview of advertising regulation here https://aana.com.au/advertising-regulatory-guide/…

New Advertising Code for Food strengthens protections for children

…with the definition in the Children’s Television Standards and also introducing a tougher child audience threshold test. “Food and non-alcoholic beverage companies will only be able to show advertisements for

Penny Ferguson

…village outside Newbury – home for me, my collection of dogs and occasional visiting son. I am becoming more involved in dog training as with six dogs, two of whom…


…expectations. The AANA’s mandate on behalf of industry is to maintain and evolve our system of self-regulation of advertising to keep pace with new marketing techniques and evolving community standards….

Code Crux: AANA Code for Marketing & Advertising Communications to Children

…perspective; the complexity of the storyline; the visuals and language used; the age of the actors or characters; and the nature of the call to action. Last Christmas a major…


…and emerging leaders in marketing, agencies, media and technology. Let’s see if the pool of curious, time-poor, intelligence-hungry, considered industry folk in the marketing food chain get some value. mi-3.com.au…