If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards

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MARKETING CHIEFS ADVOCATE INNOVATION ON THE BOARD AGENDA   First in the new series of AANA’s Marketing Dividends program sees CommBank CMO and Virgin Mobile’s local chief debating what innovation…

AANA Q&A | Definition of Advertising and Marketing Communication

…the update? The Codes are intended to apply to advertising and marketing communication in any medium. Responsible advertisers are already taking the initiative and reviewing their consumer public relations communications…

RESET is wrapped for 2020, but we’ll be back soon

…Adam Goodes. They were joined by Australia’s preeminent leadership talent including; demographer Bernard Salt, Telstra CEO Andy Penn and CMO Jeremy Nicholas, Coles CEO Steven Cain and CMO Lisa Ronson,…

Confused about what the end of cookies & tracking means for digital marketing?

…advertising is under increasing pressure and the biggest technology companies have publicly signalled a move towards less tracking and more privacy for their consumers. As advertisers re-assess their approach to…

New Advertising Code for Food strengthens protections for children

…with the definition in the Children’s Television Standards and also introducing a tougher child audience threshold test. “Food and non-alcoholic beverage companies will only be able to show advertisements for

The future of cookies and digital advertising

…and increasing restrictions imposed by browsers. In this webinar, WFA and Infectious Media will take a look at what’s changing and explore what the impact could be on digital advertising….

Gummy bear fails to take out its rival, the Lindt chocolate bear

…Family Wines Pty Ltd [2011] ATMO 47 _________________________________________________________________________________ You can find more information about the AANA codes of conduct for advertising along with an overview of advertising regulation here https://aana.com.au/advertising-regulatory-guide/…

10 Reasons for Joining

…there’s always more to learn about marketing – and about being human. AANA’s annual program of member events will challenge your thinking and give the status quo a regular what-for….

Why Self-Regulation

…alcohol advertising. ADVERTISING COUNCIL AUSTRALIA The AANA and Advertising Council Australia come together around issues relevant to the advertising and marketing profession. The Advertising Council Australia supports the AANA self-regulatory…