If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards

The AANA Board

The AANA is a not-for-profit industry association. Our forums, committees and our board are drawn from the expertise of our member base. The Board works alongside the AANA team to champion the organisation’s core purpose: to promote and advance all forms of advertising in Australia that deliver value for brands, the community and the economy.

Martin Brown - AANA Chair
Martin Brown – AANA Chair
GM, Coffee & Dairy ANZ, Nestlé Oceania
Jenni Dill - AANA
Jenni Dill
Chief Marketing Officer, Campbell Arnott’s
Lisa Ronson - AANA
Lisa Ronson
Chief Marketing Officer, Coles
Vin Naidoo - Chief Marketing Officer - Toyota Australia
Vin Naidoo
Chief Marketing Officer, Toyota Australia
Tegan Flanagan - AANA
Tegan Flanagan
External Relations & Corporate Communications Director, Lion
Andrew Hicks - AANA
Andrew Hicks
Chief Marketing Officer, Woolworths
Martine Jager - AANA
Martine Jager
Independent Board Director
Peter Horgan - AANA
Peter Horgan
Chief Executive Officer, Omnicom Media Group, Australia & NZ
Aisling Finch - AANA
Aisling Finch
Director of Marketing, Australia & NZ, Google
Grant Blackley - AANA
Grant Blackley
CEO and MD, Southern Cross Austereo
Sue Oddie - AANA
Sue Oddie
Independent Director, Founder, Blue Sky Strategy
Kim Pfitzner - AANA
Kym Pfitzner
Independent Director, CEO, Australian Red Cross

The AANA Team

Julie Flynn - AANA
Julie Flynn
Chief Executive Officer
Emma Logan - AANA
Emma Logan
Director of Member Engagement & Events
Megan McEwin - AANA
Megan McEwin
Director of Policy & Regulatory Affairs
Gaye Steel - AANA
Gaye Steel
Capability Director
Vince Meoli - AANA
Vince Meoli
Chief Financial Officer
Marit Andersen - AANA
Marit Andersen
Public Affairs Manager
Antoine Corbiau - AANA
Antoine Corbiau
CRM & Content Manager
Via Margarita Bangoy - AANA
Via Margarita Bangoy
Financial Accountant