From Channel To Experience

Starcom and the AANA hosted an insightful presentation of findings from the 2018 Starcom Media Futures Survey.

Media have changed. From distinct and easily definable channels to an infinite number of ways to experience a brand, every newsfeed and every home screen has become unique.

To create a framework for navigating the future media landscape, Starcom have updated their Futures research, using a globally innovative approach which builds on MESH Real Time Experience Tracking methodology.

Starcom presented a new approach for creating brand value from human experience, based on the emotional drivers of behavioural change and examined:

1. The emotions that have the strongest impact on perception of brands
2. The types of experience that are most effective in creating these emotions
3. The gap between marketers’ perceptions and what people actually want
4. A framework to create higher return on marketing investment by connecting touchpoints to solve for this gap.

The presentation showcased the highlights and implications of this research.


Presented by Graeme Wood, National Strategy Director and Toby Barbour, CEO from Starcom Australia. The event also featured keynote speakers, Megan Brownlow, Partner and Editor of Australian Entertainment and Media Outlook report at PwC and Will Easton, Managing Director, Facebook ANZ.

4.00 – 6.00PM Presentations and Networking Drinks

Southbank Theatre, The Lawler
140 Southbank Boulevard (Cnr Dodds Street)
Southbank, 3006

Thanks to our partners