If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards
If you have a complaint about an advertisement please contact Ad Standards

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The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) is the peak national body championing the interests of Australia’s advertisers. We exist to inspire and promote responsible, innovative and respected marketing, through a commitment to sustainable industry collaboration.


Advertising Sentiment Index
Trust in advertising increases significantly during the pandemic
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Successful Agency Pitching Guidelines
Successful Agency Pitching: a best practice guide
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Confused about what the end of cookies & tracking means for digital marketing?
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From 1 July 2020, the AANA is responsible for the management of the RCMI and QSRI […]

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The latest in marketing research and knowledge

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Peer Group Program

Peer Group Program is back with completely refreshed and reset content, coaches and connecting opportunities.

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AANA’s government relations and industry advocacy program reflects the needs of our members and their perspective on the key issues in our marketplace.



The AANA implements a comprehensive regulatory affairs program to ensure members can expand their marketing activities into new channels without unnecessary regulatory obstacles.


Events & Content

AANA’s Events and Content program is designed specifically to share global best practice, professional knowledge, and thought leadership on how to perform more effectively in our roles in a practical way.


Capability for Growth

The AANA Capability programs will equip tomorrow’s marketing leaders with best-practice marketing skills to drive business growth, starting with our flagship Brand Masters Program and Dynamic Marketing Program.

Register now to unlock growth and craft great brands with the AANA Brand Masters Program and Dynamic Marketing Program.