The purpose of the Member Councils is to achieve:

AANA Member Councils

Bringing together expertise from across the industry

AANA Member Councils

Be a loud, strong voice on the challenges that matter most to advertisers

AANA Member Councils

Achieve a collective voice and position for advertisers

AANA Member Councils

Be strategic about where advertisers want to influence change

AANA Member Councils

Delivering value to members and fostering deeper and more diverse relationships

AANA’s Public & Regulatory Affairs Council is designed to:

  • Provide advice and guidance to the AANA CEO and Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs and other staff of the AANA in the management of regulatory and public policy issues in the advertising and marketing sector.

  • Provide strategic recommendations to the AANA Board in respect of issues in regulatory affairs and public policy.

  • Advise and assist the AANA in delivering on the Self-Regulatory Agenda to fulfil AANA’s Strategic Purpose and Responsible Marketing Strategic Pillar.

  • Oversee the implementation of the Strategic Plan and the Self-Regulatory Agenda.

AANA’s Marketing Communications Council is designed to:

Achieve a collective voice and position for advertisers of the key issues covered by this group.

  • Core areas covered in 2023:

    • AdTech, Data and Privacy

    • Measurement and Marketing Effectiveness

    • Agency Relationships

    • Brand Suitability

AANA’s Sustainability Council is designed to:

  • Represent the industry, our members and their views as we revise the Environmental Claims Code and develop industry best practice and standards for Environmental Claims and Advertising.

  • Create programs and initiates to assist members with education and development around sustainability.

AANA’s Marketing Futures Council is designed to:

  • Gather CMOs from across our membership group to look to the future and identify emerging issues and key trends.

  • Feed into programs and initiatives to contribute to content creation and education for our members.

To register your interest in joining one of the councils, please email admin@aana.com.au