Unlock the Power of AI Safely: Exclusive Access to WFA’s Essential Generative AI Handbook

Marketing Masterclass on Privacy, 28 Feb 2024 – Sydney: Download the Privacy Guide below

Cannes 2023 Lions


Forces of Good –
AANA Keynotes

The Lab Andrew Therkelsen’s presentation at RESET 2023

Cascading sustainability commitments to agencies

Global best practice report on suggested ways to cascade your sustainability commitments to agencies.

Privacy Act

After 3 years of consultation, the highly anticipated response from the government on the Privacy Act Review reform proposals was released on 16 February 2023

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Global Alliance for Responsible Media

Read the full Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) Aggregated Measurement Report

Successful Agency

Download the Successful Agency Pitching: a best practice guide in selecting your agency along with Timeline and Process templates

The Future of Data Driven Marketing

Download the World Federation of Advertiser’s (WFA) The Future of Data Driven Marketing Report to get the advertisers’ perspective

What attracts marketing talent?

Read how Australia compares with the world in an executive summary report built from 432 marketers around the world.

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2024 Agency Roadmap

Agency Structures

AANA Media Contract

The AANA Media Contract is available to Advertisers Members only:


Exclusive AANA member-only recording session on the latest expert guidance in environmental claims in Advertising.

The ACCC presents a preview of the findings from their internet sweep targeting influencers, delivered exclusively for AANA and AiMCO members.


🔒 Member-only webinar with the ACCC’s Executive Director of Consumer Fair Trading Division, Nicholas Heys.

Exclusive AANA member-only briefing on Nielsen's first-ever Brand Sustainability report

Exclusive AANA member-only briefing on Nielsen’s first-ever Brand Sustainability report

What is Google Sandbox and how will it affect advertisers?

🔒 Gain first-hand insights into Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative and how it will impact your advertising reach and effectiveness.

Are Brands Liable for Comments on Social Media?

What are the implications of third-party comments for media brands managing their own websites or social media pages?

FSANZ - Nutrition criterion - how to assess if a food or beverage is occasional

A guide to the FSANZ Nutrient profiling scoring criterion underpinning the F&B Advertising Code

As brands look to take a stand on issues like recycling and sustainability, it is important that they understand the current state of affairs when it […]

How to comply with the new AANA Food & Beverage Advertising Code

Learn which food and drinks are essential, healthy and can be promoted to children.

How to win the hearts of Gen Z

🔒 |  Born between 1996 and 2015, Gen Z is estimated to become the largest generation of consumers in just a few years. Businesses that want to get […]


🔒 |  The demise of the third party cookie this year, plus reductions in identifiers such as Apple’s IDFA, are making it increasingly hard to track consumers across


🔒 |  This webinar covers what emerging privacy regulation and increasing browser restrictions mean for the future of cookies and what marketers should expect.

🔒 |  A report on the potential harms of AI powered advertising, and thoughts on redesigning the system.


🔒 |  This webinar with the Media Ratings Council (MRC) covers what you need to know to buy with confidence.


🔒 |  A closer look at the latest regulatory trends to restrict food and beverage marketing as a response to the global obesity challenge


🔒 |  In an increasingly volatile landscape, which environments can advertisers trust to reflect ambition of their brands?


🔒 |  Rob Foster, Senior Consultant at The Observatory International, shares an overview of our recent joint study on global in-housing trends, debunk some myths and help understand […]

🔒 |  What can brands do to step up their diversity and inclusion efforts?


🔒 |  A fascinating mix of neuroscience, cultural history and advertising research, this webinar shows how an increase in abstract, left-brain thinking has spread across business, how this

Events and trends in 2021

🔒 |  In this webinar, Tom Standage, Deputy Editor of The Economist, offers an hour-long predictive look to the year ahead, drawn from “The World In 2021”, The […]

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