AANA advocates for a strong, sustainable industry and continues to be proactive in providing the voice for brands.

AANA’s government relations and industry advocacy program reflects the needs of our members and their perspective on the key issues in our marketplace.


As the voice for brands, the voice for advertisers and the voice for marketers, we build and maintain strong relations with government and other key stakeholders to drive positive outcomes.

Through advocacy we will:

  • Drive better business outcomes through improved marketing effectiveness
  • Play a leading role in driving industry accountability in meeting community expectations in advertising standards
  • Safeguard the self-regulatory advertising system and rights of advertisers to commercial free speech through both public and private advocacy
  • Represent the collective voice of advertisers in a time of rapid change.

Current issues include:

  • Data and consumer protection – the ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry
  • Ad tech services and transparency in the media buying chain
  • Digital transparency
  • Viewability of advertisements
  • Ad fraud
  • Brand safety
  • Data transparency
  • Universal cross media measurement