The AANA presents the latest episode of Marketing Dividends which features Adrian Weimers, Lexus Corporate Manager, who discusses luxury car marketing and how to adapt messaging to changing economics within the sector.

Weimers says that the reason for the renewed growth in luxury car sales has been because of increasing affordability.  Lexus has followed the model of brands in other luxury categories and created a lower entry price, allowing consumers to engage with the brand earlier in their life-cycle.

He also talks about how Australia is one of the most competitive car markets in the world and how that influences Lexus’ marketing approach. Weimers explains that Lexus has year-on-year sales growth and that long-term return on marketing investment has also increased by 10 per cent.

Looking to the future, Weimers discusses the launch of Lexus’ new coupe.
“We’ll be launching a new coupe, the LC500h, a halo car for Lexus.  We’ll also be going back to our roots; great cars and quality customer service.  We want to go back and reinvest to ensure that we do provide the best customer service in luxury cars’”, Weimers says.

This episode is part of a series of 10 that have been aired throughout the year, intended to profile the broadening remit of marketers as drivers of business growth.

This Marketing Dividends episode is jointly hosted by James Hier, CEO MEC and James Daggar-Nickson, Business Editor and Business Channel Manager at SKY NEWS BUSINESS. The full episode, in addition to previous episodes, is available on the AANA YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Channel to ensure you get updates about new content.